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HIRM-KW (see screenshots) is an application which may be employed to simulate infiltration and runoff in bare soil (i.e. in absence of cover crop) subject to constant rainfall.
It can also be coupled to an educational course in hydrology and in soil physics.
HIRM-KW is a Windows application requiring the previous installation, at least, of the Microsoft .NET 4.0 FrameWork on your computer.


A full review of the physical model of HIRM-KW, can be read at the following reference:

D. Ditto, M. Sanna, L. Alfieri, M. Fumagalli, M. Acutis
Step by step development of HIRM-KW: a field-scale runoff model
Published by Italian Journal of Agrometeorology anno XXI, vol.1, 2016.

USAGE and DOWLOADS (work in progress..)

HIRM-KW is Freeware! It can be used for personal and noncommercial purposes [more online..].

Last Update, 30.05.2016
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